A quick look at what I like and don’t about the Zenwatch 3, Plus a look at the Dev preview of Android Wear 2.0.

I really do like the general design of the new Zenwatch 3. It is a vey good looking watch but the lug design leaves something to be desired. It cannot sit flat on a table so you will be scratching the side of the watch when you lay it down unless you use the tiny included rubber pad which will get lost in the first 5 minutes. The extra customizable buttons are a nice addition, with quick access to functions or apps. It is a bit sad that this was supposed to be the first watch with Android ware 2.0 but since google wanted to make some changes… like adding in the slick rotating crown (which is awesome btw). Battery life was also a tiny bit of a letdown when comparing it to the Huawei Watch even when using the more efficient Snapdragon Wear 2100 silicon. Hope this is addressed once it gets 2.0.

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