Drone are one of the hottest & fastest growing tech/hobby segments today. DJI with it’s release of the Mavic Pro has what myself and many others would consider to be the best drone currently available. With its combination of portability, camera quality, flight-time, and price… it’s very easy to see why it is the drone of choice for so many.

DJI offers many accessories to compliment its new drone. One of them is their take on a compact carrying case and it does the job but it was not for me. Considering its smallish size and high price tag it had me searching for another option. That’s when on Reddit i saw what could be a great case at a fraction of the cost so i picked it up!

Check out the Video below for a closer look and how it all packs in there. Be sure to hit the links below if you want to pick up any of the items shown off in the video you can check the links below.

Mavic Pro Decal Kit Etsy

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