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I have not been this excited about a console launch since the Playstation 3. I waited months the get the PS4 so this is the first time I waited at midnight for a very long time to get a console day one. The Nintendo Switch is a completely different idea of what a console should be because it’s not just a console… It’s also very portable.

When I first saw the idea for this system leak months ago I did not know what to think. Cool idea yes but would it have the power to fight with the big boys? Why would they make a portable console when they already have the DS? So many questions but now they have all been answered and I know as soon as I took it out of the box that I was smitten.

It feels premium even though it’s way lighter than I thought it would be. The plastic chassis feel solid in hand. That first time you slide the controls onto the side and here that click… you instantly think of quality. it really surprised me how well it fits in had and feels while playing. Nintendo really did a great job here.

I’m just starting to really play with it now. Maybe I will do a video or maybe I will be too busy playing Zelda to do much of anything for the next few weeks. Only time will tell but one thing for sure. I’m excited and happy!

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