In my last post, i talked about my first weekend with the Nintendo Switch, and how much I was enjoying it so far. Since that time it went in and out of the dock a whole bunch and I was bringing it places, all without any protection on the screen. Not because I did not want a protector since I always use them, but because I could not get my hands on one.

Most Nintendo Switch accessories have been hard to come by in the first week or so, I was forced to go without but that was unfortunately because I had already scratched my screen after only a week! The worst part was it was not from me mishandling the device… it was from Nintendo’s own dock. The dock has some plastic guides inside of the down to get it seated properly and to keep it from wiggling around but they put ZERO cushioning or protection of any kind for the glass screen that would be constantly rubbing on it. They were smart enough to put those pads on the back border around the screen that the glass also covers but I defiantly had more than just micro scratches after a week…that is not ok.

Luckily I was finally able to get a protector on there and it even hid the scratches which is nice. The one in the video above it provided by eXtremeRate® and is a Tempered Glass Film Anti-Glare Screen Protector. It laid on very nicely covering most of the screen with the speaker cutouts. No bubbles and the screen itself cleans easy and has a nice feel. But I did have some issues that did make themselves apparent a few days after installation.

Problems come when the Switch is put back into the dock and played for an extended period of time. Normal phone, tablets, and other devices that these protectors are usually installed on never see the kind of heat that a console can produce. When off the dock the Switch stays cool because it’s running underclocked and at 720P but when on the dock the GPU ramps up, the fans kick on, and the device outputs in full 1080P. Turns out this gets a bit to warm for the adhesive normally used on these glass protectors.


I reached out to the manufacturer about the issue and they were unaware of a problem but the did provide to me an alternative film protector free of charge which I may try out before trying another glass protector.

From looking at the forums the key is to apply the glass protector and let the adhesive “set” for a few hours, better overnight. This lets the adhesive dry and you will have less likelihood of the protector delaminating from the screen.

I will see how the new protectors work over the next couple of weeks. Hope to see some better options out there soon but until then im going to keep enjoying my the new Zelda. Speaking of which if you noticed the cool Zelda throw blanket from the video and the picture you can grab one for yourself right here… It’s even more amazing in person!

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