A Steadicam rig for $50?!

The PolarPro Katana can be a great addition to your film gear bag. That is, if you already own the DJI Mavic Pro. You do right??

PolarPro Katana Packaging

I have been slowly but surely, collecting all of the gear I need to make quality content. Lucky for me, I was enough to score a DJI Mavic Pro back around Christmas. I have been trying to find new and exciting ways to use it. I have also been checking out the best accessories for it as well. You can find the review of my favorite carrying case here.

It is not my first drone but I would still consider myself to be a novice pilot. While I am comfortable flying around in the wide open spaces, I sometimes still find myself scared to fly in the tighter spaces. Down a small corridor between buildings or through some tight trees is… a little harrowing. This is where the PolarPro Katana comes in.

With the Katana, you can swap between getting flying shots to getting some on the ground moving shots super quick. If you watch the video I show how to get the Mavic into the tray. It can be a little difficult the first few times but not hard by any means. What’s great is the video you shoot in the air and then on the ground will match up perfectly since they are the same camera. You can also just use it as a Steadicam without having any flying footage to add into any movie you are making. I like it because it makes the Mavic much more versatile. Sure you could just hold the drone in your hands but I would not want to risk dropping $1000!

The only area the PolarPro Katana falls short a bit is the actual phone mount itself. The part that grips your phone does give you various angles to mount to which is great but the way the clamp locks down is not my favorite. I will have to see how it holds up over time. On the plus side, it is a standard 1/4 inch UNC 20. This means you can use any standard mount you want on top of the Katana. When using the adjustment screw on if not set right it will wobble a bit. I plan on using a small washer to fix this but it is annoying to have to do that in the first place.

Overall, for $50 I think the PolarPro Katana a great addition to the gear bag. You may not need it or use it every time but I can see it coming in handy quite a bit. It’s pretty thin so it does not take up so much room anyway.

Now go out there and be creative! I know I plan to be this summer. You can check out my upcoming YouTube channel Drone The Unknown. I should have some fun and interesting videos up shortly.

If you wish to purchase the Polar Pro Katana or any other items currently in my gear bag, check out my Kit!


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