After a rather long hiatus Joey Riz is back!

The past year I have been planning my wedding and my honeymoon but the past few months that went into high gear. On top of the day job there with precious little time for anything else even though i was able to make some events and do a few short videos the blog suffered. Now that my 2 weeks in Hawaii is over, it’s time to have some more fun with the blog!

First on the list is the story of my Hawaiian adventure. I planned it pretty much on my own and it turned out to be an amazing trip. The wife was happy and that is the most important thing, #HappyWifeHappyLife. I have so much footage to go through, videos to edit, and blogs to right about this experience. It really was magical.

The first video I have up already is all about the amazing treehouse i stayed in at the very beginning of my trip. Three days on the big island of Hawaii in Volcano Village less than a mile form the mighty Kilauea itself. What an amazing time I had out there. I will detail some more adventures I had on the big island in a couple more posts but you can see my impressions of the treehouse in the video below. Mahinui Na Lani is the house’s name, the couple who takes care of it Gail & Robert were fantastic hosts. Please check it out!

I do have some more tech related videos and post in the works. First of which is maybe to catch up on phones like the Essential Phone, then the Gopro Hero6 which I used almost exclusively in Hawaii to film when I was not droning with the DJI Mavic Pro. Plus all the accessories that helped me along the way.

Hope you will come with me on the adventure and the ones to come in the future.





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