$699 to under $299 the Essential Phone is now a bargain.


I first had hands-on with the Essential Phone PH-1 at the launch event in NYC. It was there that I fell in love with its design, feel in hand, and of course that screen. I was falling in love and as sometimes happens you look past faults and concentrate on the good. I decided to fork over the $699 asking price to be one of the first with the phone, which then came with the 360 camera as a bonus. Once I had my very own, the problems with the device became much more apparent.

Playlist of my first impressions and review of the Essential Phone

If you take a look at the video above you can see just how much I liked the phone at first but then I was forced to return it. It did not check all the boxes that a premium $700 smartphone should. The design and build quality and second to none. The materials alone make it feel worth the original price tag but shipping a phone in 2017 without a killer camera is a deal breaker. Not to mention some of the software bugs and software that felt unfinished. it had to go back but much has changed since then.

During Cyber Monday 2017 the Essential Phone reached an all-time low price of $399. That was including the companies 360 camera priced at $199. The crazy part of this deal is that the camera and the phone are separate items and are charged as such. I had to jump on this deal and now I have another one for under $299! That kind of price is backup phone territory and that’s how I will treat it. I am also interested in where they go with the software so I don’t mind having it around for that reason either.

I see no reason to think that this “Fire Sale” will stop anytime soon. They will need cash flow and phones in peoples hands if they are going to succeed with a second phone. The companies recent Reddit AMA said that we should expect a second phone. The PH-1 will continue to get fast updates and beta access as well. All this is great news for the tech junkies out there like me but also with pricing like this for killer hardware. I can now recommend this to people who what something different.

At this time on Amazon, the price has gone back up a bit but I expect it to come down again before the holidays. Keep an eye out for it here.

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