Mining As A Partime Job

First, as a disclaimer I to am mad at the state of the gaming GPU market. I understand that the shortage is due to miners but it is also due to memory shortages. The third-party market for these cards is insanely over-priced but I am more upset with the first-party retailers price gouging. Article and video about that to come.

My New Mining Rig

I decided to finally upgrade my gaming rig/ HTPC with a newer video card (GTX 1080) and an upgraded case. In the midst of doing that I came across the Cooler Master HAF XD EVO case and turns out would fit perfectly where I had my previous case. With great airflow and room to spare, I started thinking bigger and decided to make it into a full-time mining rig with gaming/editing whenever I needed too.

After some measuring and finding a halfway decent EVGA 850w power supply (since those are also hard to come by now) I went to work.

My two OG EVGA GTX 970s would be doing mining only duty while the EVGA GTX 1080 would switch off from mining to gaming. With the extra space afforded by the case, I could get a little crafty. I made a PCIe riser mount out of some black plexiglass. Fit it under my motherboard with two more fans blowing right onto them. The perfect choice for sticking under there was the Zotac GTX 1050 Ti Low Profile GPU. I was lucky enough to score them at retail from Amazon.

This setup is of 1 GTX 1080, 2 GTX 970s, and 2 GTX 1050 Tis is enough to get me about 1500 sols/s on the EBWF miner. Currently mining ZClassic before the fork to BTCP. Getting 2 ZClassic a month is not bad at all and will make my money back on the 3 new cards in 3 months if things hold. Less if it goes up.

I am also running an AMD Ryzen 1700 at 3.9GHz getting about 550-600 H/s on XMR-STAK. Mining Electroneum because why not. (Story about my original Ryzen 1700 build)

All said and done it is a pretty great setup and is Rock solid. Sitting at just under 800W draw when everything is on and mining.

Please watch the video for more details and to see how it all went together. Any questions please let me know.

Check out everything currently in my build by checking out my KIT below.


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