The Future IS RYZEN

AMD’s Ryzen 2700X is a great overclocker but XFR 2 make it the future of overclocking. 4.5 GHz! This is how to overclock your the Ryzen 2000 series chips and keep XFR 2!

BCLK Overclocking was thought to be a thing of the past but with the Ryzen 2000 series, it’s making a come back in a big way. You are actually about to trick the CPU into boosting to higher clocks just by bumping Bus Clock up a few points. it makes a huge difference. Here is how to do it. It’s actually way easier than standard overclocking!

UPDATE! May 22nd

The future of overclocking has gotten even brighter this week with a new beta BIOS from ASRock for the X470 Taichi it brings more memory stability and updated options for the Ryzen 2700X. Let’s dive in!

With the latest update from ASRock it brings increased memory support along with refined options. With better control over Precision Boost Overdrive, we can push things even farther with even better stability. Check the video for exactly what I changed as most high-end motherboards should have the options in a similar setup.

For my complete setup please check out my rig here:

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