The Google Pixel 2 is known to one of the best smartphone cameras. Can the OnePlus 6 beat it at a lower price? Let’s find out!

I decided to test out the OnePlus 6 camera on the streets of NYC. Putting it up against what many consider the camera to beat, the Pixel 2. I came away very impressed with the OnePlus 6.

In this test, I have not done any color grading or editing to the images whatsoever. I did not tap to focus. Just pulled them from my pocket and started shooting.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the OnePlus 6 after this test. Does it hold up next to the Pixel 2 or does it beat it! I will leave my comments for my full review coming shortly. Stay tuned!

If you wish to see my unboxing check it out right here:

The OnePlus 6 is available from Oneplus’s web store. Review & coming soon as soon!

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