It’s A Touchy Subject

The hype about the OnePlus 6 has slowed so here comes the OnePlus 6T to keep us talking. Under glass fingerprint sensor but no headphone jack… Let’s check it out

The OnePlus 6 is still one of my favorite phones of 2018. Great size, fast, and has a headphone jack! Easy to recommend to anyone but now a half a year later, as always, comes the slightly upgraded T model. A little bolder and futuristic ideas come to this model usually, this year it does not disappoint… well unless you like the jack and rear fingerprint sensor.

Not many phones have the under glass fingerprint sensor yet and it does work on this phone, even if its just a bit more finicky than the rear mounted ones we have come to love. It does get better over time and takes some getting used to but nice to have alongside face-unlock.

I personally don’t care about the missing 3.5mm jack but I can understand why it is an issue. lucky for you they have the 6 still available at a discount or there is swappa.

Both are great phones but I love to see tech pushed to the bleeding edge which is what the OnePlus 6T represents and I am very much down with that.

Let me know what you think in those comments below!

The 6T is available both from and, for the first time, from T-Mobile stores! It also works with Verizon if you have a sim to pop in. Can confirm it is working.


Filmed using the GoPro Hero7 Black

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