Damn This Thing Is Pretty

While OnePlus may be most well known for their smartphones, Their gear and accessories game is on point. The OnePlus Explorer backpack is another winner in a great line of bags. Let’s take a look.

I have have been using OnePlus Branded bags as my daily carry for over 2 years now. The first one I got was a messenger bag from the OnePlus 3 days which was nice but once the Oneplus 5 launched their accessories team really knew what they wanted to do.

That first Backpack I got from the OnePlus 5 Launch in NYC was the gray, green, & Orange one and used it for a while until the 5T launched and I got the same one in the black and red combo.

I am not usually one to fanboy but seriously these bags a great, which is why I was so excited to try the new Explorer bag.

I used it as my daily carry for a week but then, as I expected, my wife took it from me! She is in love with it and I am back happily with my Original black OnePlus bag.

She is loving it and I suspect you would as well.

Let me know what you think in those comments below!

The OnePlus Explorer Bag is available from OnePlus directly on their website. Link is down below.


Yes, you do need an invite to get one currently but if enough of you ask down below I will speak to OnePlus about getting some invites over to me.

Let me know below!


Filmed using the GoPro Hero7 Black

Rest of my gear:

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