Absolute Power!

While the Pixel 3 has decent battery life, there are days when it just won’t be enough. Zerolemon to the rescue with its Slim Power 4700 mAh battery case! This is my review.

I am what you would probably call, a power-user when it comes to smartphones. As such I am very hard on phone batteries. Yes, battery life has gotten way better since the days of the Galaxy Nexus ( i still have nightmares) but some days it is just not enough.

Living and working in NYC I see so many people just always plugged into the wall. I always have a 20,000 mAh PD battery pack (By Zerolemon in fact)in my daily carry so I don’t have to worry but… some days you just can’t bring a bag. This is why I have used many battery packs over the years. This one is absolutely the best one I have ever used. Watch and see just why I like it so much.


Zerolemon Pixel 3 Slim Power Battery Case 4700mAh

Zerolemon Pixel 3 XL Slim Power Battery Case 4700mAh

Zerolemon Pixel 3 XL Ultra Power Battery Case 8500mAhh


Filmed using the GoPro Hero7 Black

Rest of my gear:

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