My First CES

CES 2019 is over and wow what a whirlwind. It was my first but not my last by a long shot. There are things I would defiantly do differently next time but that is the learning experience. Just jump in and hold on.

The best way for me to show this is by just going down in chronological order of events. I did not make content for everything I did or saw at the show but I did take a TON of photos and ran into plenty of friends. Let’s go in order of events, shall we?

When I had just got there, I had visited Caesars to check in on a few things and ran into my boy Saf aka SuperSaf.

CES Unveiled was the first event on the agenda and it did not disappoint. Check out the video & photos below. Also got to hang with a few friends again.

Some awesome tech was shown here. Everything from HP’s newest leather-bound laptop to an LG home brewing kit… I need to get hands-on with that.

HP Spectre Folio 13
Cosmo Communicator
LG’s Home Brew Kit
I love my steamer but ya, the LG unit would be awesome
@james_strieb LinisMedia Group

That night was The Nvidia Press Conference and boy was Jen-Hsun Huang, was in full leather mode.

The next day was all about TCL, MSI, the Pepcom show.

TCL had been on my radar for a while but in the past few years has really made a name for themselves in the home entertainment market. They invited me to their press brief and I was so impressed that I ended up with their 65″ TV in my apartment. My TV happened to die while I was at CES but I can tell you I am very happy with the choice so far.

MSI then had their press brief. Lots of great laptops and tech to be had.

After MSI we had one of my favorite events on the trip, Pepcom Las Vegas. I have been to many a Pepcom in NYC but the scale of this one is quite a bit larger. More companies and more tech. Let’s check out a few of my faves.

I loved this. A Sony party speaker that doubles as a table and drink holder. Beer-Pong anyone?

One of my favorite pieces of tech from Pepcom was this Sandisk portable SSD. I have used these for awhile not but this one is faster and offers higher storage levels! I cant wait to use this and you should see a review as soon as they send me one.

After that, it was time to relax and ended up hanging with a few friends and Qualcomm team. Bumped into this guy who you may know.

Another day full of tech as you could expect from CES. Started off with Dell and Aisha Tyler, speaking about all of their new computers, mostly laptops.

This is where I first saw what is defiantly my dream, gaming laptop. The Alienware Area 51-M. The laptop is made to be fully upgradable like non-other before it. Check it out.

Alienware laptop of my dreams!

After Dell, it was off to the show floor to see what would catch my eye. Hit up the Audio-Technica Booth to grab some headphones and to check out some of their higher end offerings. I particularly liked these with the red accents but I think I will stick with my amazing M50x headphones.

To cap the trip off was the AMD Keynote which was great even if we did not get any Ryzen news, the launch of the Radon VII was a pretty huge deal and I was able to get up close with it and game on it.

After all this it was the show floor again to catch anything I had missed but then my flight home.

It was a blast but grueling. I learned quite a bit so I will have a better game plan for next year!

Filmed using the GoPro Hero7 Black

Rest of my gear:

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