I may have found the best option for charging while driving. A Qi wireless charger that automatically grips your phone & holds on tight! Let’s check it out
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Wireless charging is finally mainstream. At night place the phone by my bedside at night and its good for the morning. As cool as this is, it introduced another problem. I LOVED using the magnetic car mounts while driving. Stick a metal plate on your phone or case and you did not have to worry about how you would see your phone while on the road. This is something that becomes impossible when you have a phone that can wirelessly charge, you cant block the coils…

Sure you can have a case just for driving or have one of those mounts that you have to fiddle with everytime you got in the car. I wanted no part of either, so I waited.

I’m glad I did because VICSEED came to me with the answer. Their automatic wireless car charger for any and all Qi supported device. This includes the newest iPhone, Galaxy, Pixel and many other phones!

I really like the design and how it automatically claps down on your phone with the right pressure to lock it. Holds it firm and does so without even being powered. Its internal battery holds enough charge for it to close and open 100 times. Very cool.

With the different mounting options, for the price… I think it is a winner!

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The VICSEED Qi Wireless Car Charger is available at Amazon


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If you do not have a Quickcharge 3.0 capable charger you can grab this cheaper one here: https://amzn.to/2G0VcXI

Filmed using the GoPro Hero7 Black

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