Samsung’s just dropped its new S10 family of phones and I went hands-on at Samsung 837! They are the most exciting Galaxy phones in years. Let’s check them out.

The Samsung Galaxy S line is now in its 10th generation and that is mind-blowing. I have used many of them but the S4 was the last of my daily drivers. After a short afternoon at with the new phones, that is about to change.

The combinations of new features, new sizes, and One UI makes these phones the most exciting in years. All of the phones have the same basic specs which is great to see in all the sizes. This makes it really easy just to pick the one that fits your lifestyle and your hand.

There is a 4th phone, the S10 5G coming later in the year. It will be HUGE and expensive, with of course 5G. I expect many to skip this one and rightly so. I still remember just hot bad the first 4G LTE phones were…

The one for my which is apparent from the video is the S10e and i expect to have one to use very soon. Subscribe and comment. Let me know what you want to know most!


Be sure to check out Vanesa’s Instagram @vanesa.fez with some great nature shots as well as her camera blog:


The S10 Family is available straight from Samsung at:

Preorder with a trade in and get up to $550 off! That is a slick deal indeed.

Filmed using the GoPro Hero7 Black

Rest of my gear:

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