Getting an up-close view of the NG-11 rocket launch and a behind the scenes tour of NASA’s Wallop Island base. From building rockets to flying them!

Thanks to the NASA Social program I was selected to be 1 of 30 lucky social media influencers to get up close and personal with some rockets. A special look on what goes on the days before an orbital rocket launch and a complete tour of the grounds.

Wallops Island is a small nature preserve on the east coast of Virginia that just happens to have a NASA base. It used to be a Navy base but it was commissioned to NASA some years ago. It is a part of the NASA Goddard Flight Center which is where much of the science going up in this launch was developed.

I got to see where they manufacture sounding rockets, the control centers, and where they assembled the Northrup Grumman Antares Rockets for the Cygnus spacecraft! This mission was a resupply mission for the International Space Station. So much cool stuff went up.

See below for links to more info about this launch and some of the cool robots featured within.


The Astrobee is a project headed up by NASA AMES:

The RELL is a NASA Satilight Service Project:


Clips of the actual launch were provided by a couple of friends since my GoPro battery decided to give me problems…

120FPS footage by Justin Hartney @justinhartney

Wide shot by Marty McGuire @BackyrdAstroGuy


Filmed using the GoPro Hero7 Black

Rest of my gear:

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